One of the most remarkable aspects of the United States is its diversity, as a myriad of different cultures and ethnicities mix together every day. Still, the cultural mix is different in each state — and inevitably so are the most spoken languages.

While English and Spanish dominate the charts in nearly every state, several other languages follow not too far behind. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, close to 40 million U.S. residents speak Spanish at home, followed by 2.1 million Chinese speakers. Tagalog, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, and Korean are each spoken by over a million people nationwide.

17. Kentucky
> Most popular language: German
> Residents who speak German at home: 17,638
> German-speaking population: 0.4%

While only 17,638 people reportedly speak German in Kentucky, 457,999 residents have German ancestry.

Looking at the state level, German is the most commonly spoken language among the 50 states after English and Spanish. Just how popular is the German language? In 11 states, German is the most popular foreign language, making it the most frequently occurring foreign language on this list.

Vietnamese clocks in as the second most common top foreign language in states, with the population in a total of seven states speaking it most frequently. Chinese follows closely behind with the population of six states speaking it the most — after English and Spanish.

Read on to see which other languages are most commonly spoken in your state — you may even know someone who speaks it or speak it yourself.

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